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Monthly charge by credits.

In order to use Dossplorer you need to purchase credits. At the end of each month Dossplorer charges credits from your balance which are required to pay next month’s license. The number of credits charged is based on the number of active users.

Flexible license management, only pay for what you need

Users can be activated or inactivated at any time. An active user remains active until the administrator inactivates the user account or until your credit balance runs low on credits. This offers the flexibility to assign as many users as needed without the need to pay annual licenses fees. The prepaid credits model allows you to minimize the number of payments required and let you decide on the number of credits purchased per transaction. Credits can be bought by credit card or by invoice. As soon as your payment is received the credits will be added to your companies’ credit balance in Dossplorer.

Discounted offerings, independent on the number of users

Dossplorer offers package deals for purchasing credits. The larger the amount of credits you buy, the higher the discount you will get. This allows anyone to benefit from discounted rates, independent on the number of users or company size.

Credit packages

Choose between standard credit packages or request a quote for any number of credits.
The more credits bought at once, the higher the discount.
*Prices are excluding VAT


Frequently asked questions about our pricing and licensing model can be found on this page